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Star's Story

“My cousin googled a place that could help me and found the Pregnancy Center.”

 Pregnant with her life in danger, Star arrived in Lincoln with only her clothes and a backpack. She was fleeing from a dangerous situation in another state. For the past 15 years, Star had been sex trafficked and caught up in a life of drugs. Authorities put her on a plane to get her to safety.

“When I was 15, my caregivers were on drugs and left me with a man who was sex trafficking victims. This life led me to drugs, including meth. When I arrived in Lincoln, my cousin was trying to do the same thing to me. She had some mental issues, so I found myself homeless. I was in Lincoln for one week before I came to the Pregnancy Center. I told them about my situation and they reached out to an organization that deals with sex trafficked victims. Together they helped me get away from my cousin, and now I have an apartment. The Pregnancy Center helped me furnish it with a bed, tables, and other items that I needed.”

The Pregnancy Center cared for Star when she was at her lowest point. She plans to parent her baby and we continue to work with her and help in many ways.

“You guys saved my life! You helped me with food, a bed, furniture, and maternity clothes. I had nothing when I came to Lincoln. I have now been sober for 6 months. When I found out I was pregnant, I stopped the drugs, and have tried to better my life. I have flashbacks and PTSD. I am starting an online class to start nursing school. I have been blessed since I have turned my life over to God. He is amazing and has carried, guided, and protected me. I’m so amazed how much He loves me and values me, and that He brought me out of that storm. You all have helped assist in this relationship with Him. I’m forever grateful.”

“I had nothing when I came to Lincoln, YOU GUYS SAVED MY LIFE!”

Star came to us in a desperate position earlier this year – pregnant, homeless, a victim of sex trafficking – she had found the Pregnancy Center through an online search and we were able to support her and help her feel safe. We continue to work with her and help in many ways

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“I had nothing when I came to Lincoln, YOU GUYS SAVED MY LIFE!”

- Star

“I gave our babies life, but THEY TRULY SAVED MINE.”

- Bri

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