Your donation will have an even greater impact this year! Let us tell you why..

The Pregnancy Center has participated in Give to Lincoln Day since its inception, and each year we have received an increasing number of donations thanks to faithful partners like you. The Pregnancy Center had every intention of participating in Give to Lincoln Day 2023, but we have withdrawn our approved application along with many other faith-based nonprofits this year.

Each year the Lincoln Community Foundation has required every participating organization to sign a “Non-Discrimination Affirmation Statement”. In past years this affirmation statement was a fairly standard agreement that the Pregnancy Center could sign because we have our own non-discrimination policy regarding our service to clients. This year however, the Lincoln Community Foundation changed this “Non-Discrimination Affirmation Statement” in a manner that would force most faith-based organizations to compromise the belief system in which they were founded and currently operate.

Although respectful dialog was had with Lincoln Community Foundation on this issue, the concessions offered were not sufficient to resolve the issue and we made the decision to withdraw our application to participate. However, we have good news…

You can still be a part of Give to Lincoln Day on May 24th by making your tax-deductible donation DIRECTLY to the Pregnancy Center.

Your direct support through our website on May 24, or any day this month, will help us to still be a part of this community wide fundraising event. We also have matching grants for this month, so your giving will go even further!

Please contact us directly if you have any questions about the Pregnancy Center’s decision to withdrawal from Give to Lincoln Day this year. The Pregnancy Center is committed to the Christian faith that guides this ministry, and we are convinced that God will honor our commitment not to compromise.